Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Christian Lander forgot about San Diego (re: #91 - San Francisco)

"The City of San Francisco has a very multicultural population that ranges from white to gay to Asian."

"No matter how much you have offended someone from San Francisco, you can always make them feel better by asking them how they feel about Southern California. They will instantly talk of how it is filled with crime, pollution, hegemonic culture, and the wrong kind of white people
-Christian Lander (#91 - San Francisco)

The comments on this post at "Stuff white people like" generally support clander's rants against the southern, more populous, more Latino part of California. Sad. Is "hating on Latinos" something else white people like?

Why do I say that?

  • San Francisco is 44% white, one-third Asian, 14% Latino, 7% black
  • San Diego is 49% white, 25% Latino, 13% Asian, 7% black

Their white populations are proportionate. Switch the Asians and Latinos, and the racial composition of the two cities becomes identical. Evidently Christian Lander doesn't think too highly of Latinos, nor of the white people (the "wrong kind") who choose to live near them. Not surprising from a communist ginger with a book deal.

(San Francisco's median income is $67,000. San Diego's is $56,000. I guess "clander" doesn't like poor people, either?)

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