Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Diagnosing "Yellow Fever" (re: #11 Asian Girls)

Christian Lander over at "Stuff White People Like" makes a lot of assumptions:
  • White people are educated.
  • Advanced white people are college-educated.
  • Highly-advanced white people were college-educated in California (preferably the San Francisco Bay Area, preferably at UC Berkeley), birth place of the sustenance upon which “Stuff White People Like” depends: hipsters, Internets, the Toyota Prius.

And while most white people in California go to college, ALL Asian people go to college in California. A white college student will often go years without meeting another white person, especially if the white person in question is a computer science major. For sexual release, the only option other than becoming celibate or hiring “adult” actresses and filming homemade pornography is to date Asian girls.

Of course, the relationship must be hidden from the Asian girl's parents, lest they become enraged at her dating a White Devil. Her Asian male friends must be similarly ignorant of her new beau—prone to rage at the thought of a white person stealing another one of “their women.”

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